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Slay All Day x Connecting Cultures pop-up experience

Slay All Day x Connecting Cultures pop-up experience

The 31st of January 2020. The weather was cold, the sky was dark, but on this day cultures collided. Together with Connecting Cultures, and SÜL we were part of a contemporary pop-up experience where we celebrated art, fashion, and music. 

For a few days, Elandsgracht 55 in Amsterdam was transformed into a pop-up shop where we celebrated the release of new collections of Connecting Cultures, SÜL, and ourselves.

We released our very first collection of hip-hop inspired shirts. This first collection features the most iconic hip-hop artists of all time. The shirts themselves come all the way from Portugal and are made of the finest materials. The silky-smooth cotton is breathable and sturdy. 

notorious big shirts

The guys at Connecting Cultures released their A T E L I E R concept where they combine all the inspiration they get from fashion, music, and art in one capsule collection. The collection focusses on high-quality garments inspired by people and driven by contemporary culture. The minimal designs and attention to detail reflect modern-day life with a classy touch.

On the first day, the whole shop was packed with friends, fans, and family to kick off the experience. Creativity was flowing. In one corner contemporary artist, Daumantas Ercmonas was creating a painting of DMX and in the other corner, a DJ was doing his thing on the turntables.     

At 10pm the shop closed and we continued the party at our very own afterparty in club Lovelee in Amsterdam. It was a great night to kick off our experience, creativity was celebrated, cultures collided and friends were made. 


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